tinyML EMEA – Gian Marco Iodice and Paolo Bombelli: Powering Machine Learning (ML) applications…

Powering Machine Learning (ML) applications on Arm with “algae”
Gian Marco IODICE, Team and Tech Lead in the Machine Learning Group, Arm
Paolo BOMBELLI, Research scientist, University of Cambridge

The talk will focus on the technical aspects of the project. For example, we will discuss the challenges and solutions Dr. Paolo Bombelli and his team found to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly battery using renewable resources such as algae. We will also demonstrate how this battery can power an Arm Cortex-M0-based microcontroller and how we tailored the ML application to work efficiently with this sustainable and eco-friendly battery.
This talk is for anyone interested in sustainable technology, renewable energy, and tinyML applications for microcontrollers.


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