tinyML EMEA Tuesday Keynote – Lisa Trollo: Smart, open and accurate: sensors in the sustainable…

Smart, open and accurate: sensors in the sustainable Onlife era
Artificial Intelligence Strategy

What do we expect from technology today? Evolving at a rapid pace, today’s technology must keep us safe and protect our planet to ensure a sustainable future. Helping improve interactions between humankind and the environment, technology must remain non-invasive while enhancing our creativity, for a human-centric digital transformation. As we enter the Onlife era, with the increasing fusion of technology into our society and our daily lives, sensors are essential in making our world a better place and more sustainable.

ST is enabling this transition to the Onlife era with accurate, smart, and open-source sensing devices designed to optimize edge computing and create ultra-low-power systems that bring innovative solutions to environmental and social challenges.


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