tinyML EMEA – Sandeep Mistry: How to build an ML-powered doorbell notifier

tinyML EMEA –
Sandeep Mistry
Principal SW Engineer and Developer Evangelist IoT, Arm

How to build an ML-powered doorbell notifier
This talk will give an overview of an audio classification tinyML system built on top of an Arm Cortex-M33 based Realtek RTL8721DM SoC.
The presentation will cover:
1) How to open audio datasets and transfer learning can be used to train a TensorFlow Lite model with TensorFlow’s signal processing and Keras APIs;
2) How to port the feature extraction pipeline to the SoC using CMSIS-DSP and run ML interfacing using TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers with CMSIS-NN accelerated computation kernels;
3) How the SoC’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity is used only when the model detects audio sounds of interest. You will be able to see how Realtek’s RTL8721DM SoC’s compute, and resources, leave ample room to explore more complex model architectures for other tinyML audio classification use cases. All the code used in the project will be made available on GitHub after the presentation for attendees to take a deeper dive.


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