My Last Chance to OVERPOWER my Vacuum! (Homemade Turbine)

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In this video I will try to OVERPOWER my Vacuum Cleaner one last time with the help of one of my viewers. He designed better impeller models and in combination with a new BLDC motor and driver, we want to find out whether we can beat the original design. So come along as I test static pressure, air flow and run into lots of problems during this last attempt. Let’s get started!

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0:00 DIY Vacuum Impeller got Destroyed!
1:12 Intro
1:57 Measuring Static Pressure of DC Motor
3:22 Old DIY Impeller Design Static Pressure
5:35 NEW DIY Impeller Designs
8:04 Practical Vacuuming Test + PROBLEMS
10:03 Verdict


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