Raspberry Pi Pico W LESSON 24: Power Portable Projects with LiPo Rechargeable Battery

This is the OLED display we will be using in future lessons. Please go ahead and order it so you will have it for next week’s lesson:


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In this class we will be using the Sunfounder Raspberry Pi Pico W Keppler Kit. It will make things a lot easier if we are working on identical hardware. the link below is to amazon, and is for the identical hardware I will be using in this entire class.


In this introductory video, I will show you how to use the lcd1602 LCD Display with the dht11 temperature sensor and the Raspberry Pi Pico W. We will create a simple project for measuring temperature and humidity, and then displaying results on the LCD display. Then we will toggle between degrees C and degrees F using the pushbutton. We will show how to power portable devices with the power management board, and a rechargeable LiPo battery. We will implement the project using micropython. Enjoy!



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