Raspberry Pi LESSON 63: Object Detection on Raspberry Pi Using Tensorflow Lite

Moving forward we will now want to move the camera (pan/tilt) in response to the movement of the object of interest. I do this using the Sunfounder pan/tilt hat. You can order the hat I am using at this affiliate amazon link:


If you are able, I suggest you consider getting some spare servos for the pan tilt hat. During development if you are not careful, it is possible to damage a servo by crashing the camera into something. I like to keep a couple spares on hand:


Announcing the Most Awesome Raspberry Pi Lessons of All Times! This time we RUMBLE!

In this class series, we will be using the most excellent Sunfounder Ultimate Raspberry Pi kit, available here: (Affiliate Link)
or for our UK friends, https://amzn.to/3I5d401

In today’s video I will show you how install tensorflow lite on the Raspberry Pi. I will show how to use tensor flow to perform object detection from both a webcam and a pi camera. We will complete the program and by the end of the lesson you will have object detection working on a raspberry pi.

If you want to grab those cool little straight jumper wires I am using to keep my breadboard builds neat and clean you can snag a box of them here:

If you guys are interested in the oscilloscope I am using, you can pick one up here (affiliate link):

You guys get your hardware ordered so you can follow along at home!

You will also need a Raspberry Pi. I suggest the Raspberry Pi 4. If you do not already have one, this is the most suitable gear I could find:


The Raspberry Pi’s are sort of pricy right now, so you can look on ebay or elsewhere to see if there are any deals. You will need a SD card. If you do not already have one, this is a good one:


I like using a wireless keyboard and mouse to have fewer wires. You can certainly use your USB keyboard and mouse, but if you want a nice wireless one, this one works on the pi. We demonstrate this by using a button switch to control a LED.


You guys can help me out over at Patreon, and that will help me keep my gear updated, and help me keep this quality content coming:




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