Hacking a Chinese Diesel Heater With HackRF, ESP32 & Chat GPT, Part 4 – Chat GPT to the RESCUE!

In the fourth episode of our exciting SDR heater control series, sponsored by PCBWay (https://www.pcbway.com), we encounter some challenges when trying to get our radio module to transmit. Thankfully, ChatGPT comes to the rescue! With its guidance, we learn how to use radio test mode to properly set up the radio module, visualize its operation using the HackRF, and ensure the hardware is functioning correctly. Although the example heater code still doesn’t work, we now have a clear path forward, knowing our hardware is in good shape. Watch as we persevere through the struggles of working with the radio module, ultimately learning from ChatGPT how to set the registers for sweep mode.

Don’t forget to check out PCBWay, the sponsor of this series, for all your PCB manufacturing and assembly needs. Stay connected with them on social media for the latest updates and offers.

📌 Hashtags: #SDR #HackRF #radiomodule #radiotest #hardwaretest #troubleshooting #ESP32 #CCradioModule #HomeAssistant #heatercontrol #softwaredefinedradio #PCBWay #ChatGPT #AIassistance #GPT4 #sweepmode
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