tinyML Summit 2023: How a consumer goods company leverages Qeexo’s AutoML to accelerate data…

How a consumer goods company leverages Qeexo’s AutoML to accelerate data science adoption and value
Stephanie PAVLICK, Machine Learning Engineer , Qeexo
Grant STRIEMER, Director, Corporate R&D, The Procter & Gamble Company

Qeexo has collaborated closely with P&G as part of their (P&G) digital transformation strategy to disrupt how they innovate (faster/better/cheaper) in the CPG industry which is helping drive design of irresistibly superior products and experiences for our global consumers. While P&G is growing both expert and practitioner level AI know-how such that their digital transformation and impact is pervasive across all aspects of innovation, the practitioners are citizen data scientists coming from other disciplines. P&G is leveraging Qeexo’s Auto Machine Learning as one of the tools to lower activation energy to help enable this broad innovator community to develop, manage and deploy new algorithms.

We will detail many of the productivity-boosting features available in recent releases of Qeexo AutoML. Some of these include: an assisted segmentation feature to aid customers in quickly and efficiently labelling large amounts of data, model size reduction, data augmentation to represent possible variations of a collected dataset, and more.

Finally, we will discuss the overall potential for the end-customer solution, lessons learned, and future opportunities.


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