tinyML Talks: Oculi is putting the human eye in A.I.

Oculi is putting the human eye in A.I.
Charbel Rizk
Founder CEO CTO
Oculi Inc.

Oculi is putting the “Human Eye” in AI: machines outperform humans in most tasks but human vision remains far superior. Human vision provides the actionable signal in real time and consumes only mW’s. As biology and nature have been the inspiration for much of the technology innovations, developing imaging technology that mimics the human eye is the logical path. Also unlike photos and videos we collect for personal consumption, machine vision is not about pretty images and the most number of pixels. Machine vision should extract the “best” actionable information very efficiently (in time and energy) from the available signal (photons). At Oculi, we have developed a new architecture for computer and machine vision that promises efficiency on par with human vision but outperforms in speed. Oculi provides a single-chip vision solution combining sensing + pre-processing at the pixel, up to 30x better in energy-delay product enabling the most efficient vision solutions and is uniquely situated to make imaging technology feasible for the TinyML community and vision.


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