tinyML Asia 2021 Jingpeng Xiang: Soundplus

tinyML Asia 2021
Jingpeng Xiang
Product Director, Beijing Soundplus Technology Co.Ltd

Considering the limited battery capacity and processor performance of the earphone, it is extremely challenging to provide users with premier call quality on TWS earphones like calls on phone.

SoundPlus have extensively applied machine learning methods to all of speech enhancement algorithm (SVE-AI) to run on low power SoC & DSP, achieving the balance between power consumption and market-leading performance.

The SVE-AI solution has been adopted by TWS earphone products of mainstream mobile brand manufacturers and international audio brands, including TWS earphone equipped with from single microphone to four microphones.

Furthermore, SVE-AI also enhances active noise control performance on TWS and voice interaction experience. Therefore, a complete AI-enhanced audio solution can be rapid deployed on TWS and other wearable devices


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