tinyMl Asia 2021 Anil Bhaskaran: Enterprise Health & Wellness using wearables

tinyML Asia
Enterprise Health & Wellness using wearables
Anil BHASKARAN, Vice President APJ Innovation Office, SAP

Wearables such as Apple Watch, Fitbit etc packs so much of compute power and is able to calculate several vital parameters non-invasively. They are fundamentally changing the way users are looking at health and wellness. As a result the adoption of wearables has increased significantly over the years and a Stanford study concludes that over 54% people in US use digital health tracking. This is opening up employers to look at using wearables to promote health and wellness to elevate their employee experience. In this session, we will look at the trends, experiences, opportunities and future of health and wellness using wearables and help you formulate the strategy for your organizations.


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