tinyML Asia 2021 Weifeng Zhang: Hardware software co-optimizations for efficient privacy…

tinyML Asia 2021
Hardware-software co-optimizations for efficient privacy-preserving computing in AIoT devices
Weifeng ZHANG
Fellow of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and the Chief Scientist of Heterogeneous Computing, Alibaba Cloud Infrastructure

With emergence of more and more regulations on data privacy and protection, privacy preserving computing has become critical in the machine learning domain. However, existing data protection mechanisms, either through trusted execution environment (TEE) or using encryption technology such as homomorphic encryption (HE), often suffer huge performance loss due to limited computing resources dedicated to TEE or extremely complex HE algorithms. This is particularly challenging for AIoT devices with even more resource constraints. This talk will shed some lights on how to make privacy preserving computing more efficient via novel hardware software co-optimizations.


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