Movie Music has a LOUD PROBLEM! So I fixed that! (Automatic Volume Adjuster)

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In this project I will solve one of the biggest problems I have with modern movies. The problem is that the conversation volume is way too low in comparison to the music volume. That is why I combined an Arduino microcontroller with a microphone and an IR LED in order to create an automatic volume adjuster. It basically detects when loud movie music starts playing, lowers the volume and then brings the volume back up when the music is over. Let’s get started!

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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

0:00 The problem with movie music
1:20 Intro
2:17 Volume control + sound measurement
3:06 Hardware design around uC
5:26 IR codes for volume
5:39 ADC settings for audio sampling
6:23 Algorithm for detecting loud movie music
8:21 Arduino code
9:10 Final test & verdict


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