Can 18650 Laptop Batteries Fly a Plane?

Full build of a DIY plane with the AR Mini Wing and 18650 Li-Ion cells from eBay making a fully GPS guided, long range plane! Soldering Electronics, Build , INAV Setup + FPV Flights!
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How to make your own 18650 packs tutorial:
My Git repo of all drone configs and files:
Live stream replay of the Mini AR Build:

Mini AR wing:
F411 Flight Controller:
Runcam Split
18650 batteries (stock varies too often to direct)


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0:00 Intro
0:38 Components overview
0:59 Laying out plane systems
1:18 FPV Camera and HD Recorder
2:00 GPS Module for Flight Guidance
2:37 Crossfire RC Control Install
3:56 Video Transmitter Install
5:16 18650 Battery Testing
5:41 Li-Ion DIY Battery Pack
6:05 Flight Controller Programming INAV
6:39 Final Assembly and CG Check
7:25 Upgrading the 18650 battery pack
8:22 Flight Testing
9:30 Tuning the INAV autopilot
11:53 Having fun with this plane!


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