LIVE Shop Talk 48: Ten Biggest Challenges I will Face In Africa

OK, We are going to try our first Live Stream from Africa. Hope you guys will tune in and hope we can get this to work. Get your coffee brewing and lets get ready to Go Live!

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Today we have a session where you can ask questions. Ask my Anything!


19 thoughts on “LIVE Shop Talk 48: Ten Biggest Challenges I will Face In Africa

  • July 4, 2021 at 4:27 am

    I mean no disrespect; I'm just curious. You are intelligent, so maybe I'm missing something important.

    I cannot help but point out what seems like cognitive dissonance—or perhaps some form of unconscious narcissism—when you say it was "God's mercy" that you and your wife (fortunately) did not get covid, while nine others had to suffer. I'm not sure how this is mercy? Friend, maybe you are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but killing millions and making tens of millions more gasp for air and suffer organ damage is not "mercy". It's torture, as anyone would readily see if they were logically consistent.

    Incredible how you can, in one sitting, lucidly describe flesh-eating maggots and the appalling consequences of inherited poverty while also reinforcing your belief in some "mercy" or "divine love". Friend, I see hell on earth in the circumstances you yourself are describing, not mercy, and a misbegotten creation if it were authored by a divine will.

    I would have to conjecture that the hardest problem you've solved is not an engineering problem, but the Problem of Evil, if you somehow see "God's Grace" all around you in Africa. If it's all "God's plan" for the suffering of hundreds of millions because of this one pandemic alone, I just view that as proof of an argumentum ad absurdum.

    I admire your ardor for moving to what I see as hell on earth because of your convictions. If I may borrow some of that ardor, perhaps you can explain where I'm wrong.

    Stay safe, and thank you.

  • July 4, 2021 at 4:27 am

    Whoooo…. Thanks for the Arduino series. And the imu sensor series too and the fusion 360 too…


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