EMEA 2021 Lightning Talks: Perfect coffee roasting with TinyML sound sensing

EMEA 2021 https://www.tinyml.org/event/emea-2021
Lightning Talks
Perfect coffee roasting with TinyML sound sensing
Jon NORDBY, CTO, Soundsensing

Great coffee requires not just high quality coffee beans, but also a roasting process that consistently brings out the desired flavor and aroma. During the roasting the coffee beans will pop like popcorn (“cracking”), and the sound of these cracks is a good indicator of the development stage of the coffee beans.
By integrating MEMS microphones and on-edge analysis using machine learning (TinyML), the ROEST coffee roasters can use sound to automatically keep track of the roasting process. This technology has been developed in a collaboration between Roest and Soundsensing, and is shipping on ROEST sample roaster since August 2020.
In this talk you will hear about this fun and practical application of TinyML, and some of the challenges and solutions we found when deploying on-edge machine learning in professional grade electronics products.


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