tinyML EMEA 2021 Tutorial: Context Awareness Function Pack (FP)

tinyML EMEA 2021 https://www.tinyml.org/event/emea-2021
Tutorial: Context Awareness Function Pack (FP)
Lisa TROLLO, Artificial Intelligence Strategy, STMicroelectronics
Federico IACCARINO, Product Marketing, STMicroelectronics
Carlo PARATA, System Engineer, STMicroelectronics

This live tutorial will feature experts from ST Microelectronics covering the joint use of STM32 and In-sensor computing with machine learning core. The agenda is aligned to the subject as follows:

introduction of ST products for edge AI for both STM32 and sensors
describe ML/AI ecosystem in term of tools to be used for FP
description and usage of the FP for ASC and HAR on the boards

The tutorial is not hands-on; rather it is a How to Get Started plus and will include information for attendees will be able to buy the boards, install and run the FP after the tutorial.


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