Testing circuits I found on the Internet: Inverter! It does work, BUT…

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In this episode of “Testing circuits I found on the Internet”, I will be having a look at a popular inverter schematic I found on google images. The design uses an astable multivibrator in order to pull current alternately through a transformer and thus create a high AC voltage on its output side. A lot of DIY inverters use this functional principle. That is why I will build up the schematic, properly test the circuit and show you what problems it comes with that you can more or less easily fix. Let’s get started!

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2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats

0:00 The schematic I found on the internet
1:06 Intro
2:09 Building up the circuit
3:13 Initial test
4:23 How the circuit works
7:32 Problem 1: Feedback
8:45 Problem 2: Overvoltage at the MOSFETs
9:20 Problem 3: Overvoltage at the Transformer
10:11 Other problems (lots of them)
10:42 Verdict


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